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From Saving a Ton of Money!
Our Big Idea ...

Our mission is to help you get a 10X improvement in generating innovative ideas and reducing waste.  We have a new mobile app that can help you generate:
  • Suggestions
  •  Surveys
  •  Social Connections
On Your Phone, You Can:
  • Unlock Innovation, 10 Times Faster
  • Uncover Employee Led Cost Cutting
  • Unleash Employee Engagement
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Joseph Schenk, CEO
Quality Bridge, Inc.
My Personal Mission:
"I want to help enough people generate over $1 Billion worth of ideas which helps each of them to get promoted over and over ." 
Joseph Schenk's Background:

  • ​28+ Years of Quality Management & Computer Validation working with FDA regulated firms
  • Creator of the QB App for Employee Engagement.  Expert at Employee Suggestion Systems (Ideas America Certification), and Employee Surveys.
  • CSV leader for SAP, Serialization, MES, Clinical EDC/IWRS, Lab Systems, Document Management, Quality Systems 
  • Conducted over 90+ Vendor Audits
  • Huge Network of Quality and CSV Experts
  • MS Technology Management (Wharton/Penn Engineering) 
  • BS Commerce & Engineering (Drexel University) 
  • ​​ASQ Certification Management of Quality / Organizational Excellence
  • ​​ISO 9000 Lead Assessor
  • Regulatory Affairs Professional Certification (RAPS) 
  • Certified Scrum Master
  • Certified IT Project Manager

I have read more than 4,600 FDA inspection reports (483s) and have found the one common root cause for audit findings: Lack of Human Engagement.  Just about every audit finding leads back to failures of systems, controls, and procedures that enable the human contributors to do the wrong thing, or not do the right thing.  

What's worse is that the company's culture takes a major hit after a 483 or Warning Letter is issued which can raise operating costs for many years to come. 

I'm committed to helping companies prevent these culture hits and ultimately using quality and compliance as a weapon to achieve 3 times the results twice as fast (the 3X 2X rule).  

I believe in the following well quoted principles:

“The role of a leader is not to come up with all the great ideas. The role of a leader is to create an environment in which great ideas can happen.” 
--Simon Sinek

"The person closest to the work is the best person to improve it."
--Tom Peters 

Let me show you how I can put these principles to work for you so that you can improve operating results.
Quality Expertise
Do you need an expert to perform internal audits?
Do you need an expert to manage Audit Remediation or CAPA resolutions?

Do you need an expert to perform supplier audits?

Do you need an expert to implement a supplier quality management program?

Do you need an expert to analyze processes and procedures to find lean improvements and compliance risks?

When you need us ...

Do you need an expert to perform quality training ... from the basics to advanced tools and techniques? 

Do you need an expert to write new SOPs and other procedures?

Do you need a technical writer to review/revise SOPs to improve usability?

Do you need staff augmentation to help implement quality improvement initiates or back-fill for absent employees?

Do you need a project manager (with CSV / Part 11 experience) to help you implement a new regulated computerized system?

Request a meeting to let us know what you need and when.  We can supply the Quality Expertise that you need at the right price and right time.

We can come on-site and deliver one of the following Courses:
  • Using Leadership, Lean Thinking, and Quality Tools to Make Your Job Better  
I am offering your company one (1) FREE on-site training workshop just so you can get to know us better. You Save $3,000!
My normal speaking fee is $3K. You only have to pay for travel and materials, if applicable. This is a limited time offer and your company must qualify.

Take action now: You can schedule a quick meeting to discuss your requirements and desired learning outcomes. I will be happy to help you and see if your company qualifies.  If yes, then I will work up a Statement of Work (SOW).  Learn if your company can qualify for FREE Training Today!
FREE Training
About Us
Quality Bridge, Inc. is passionate about helping people improve so they can get promoted over and over.  We can apply significant energy and knowhow to get the Wildly Important Goals accomplished in an efficient and effective.
We pride ourselves in being able to bring the right expertise and technology to help our clients meet these important goals.
Our history dates to 1995, when our founder, Joseph Schenk, formed Software Safety, Inc. The company specialized in software testing and validation of FDA regulated systems. As the company grew and took on building computer validation Centers of Excellence for major pharmaceutical clients, the company name was changed in 2003 to QA Edge, Inc.   
In 2019, with the introduction of our Quality Bridge App, we have changed the company name to emphasize the connections we are making to help our clients Get Things Done.
Our company constantly seeks talented people who want to join our Mastermind. Our Mastermind helps its members grow professionally and offers opportunities to increase their earning potential in our profession.
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